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Vibrating Feeders

Series PowerPack Conveyor Systems

The brute force feeder system of the series PowerPack is guided by our Blade Springs. The conveyor trough, which is also available from NetterVibration, is mounted, welded or glued to the PowerPack‘s frame and is driven by a pneumatic linear vibrator of the series NTK or NTS . Depending on your application, an electric external vibrator of our series NEG or NEA may also be used.

Unlike many other conveyor systems, the frequency and amplitude of the PowerPack series can be controlled separately, which means it can be adjusted to your individual requirements. You choose which model best meets your needs based on the properties of the material being conveyed, as well as the requested frequency or amplitude.

We also offer customised versions of the PowerPack, which can be combined with the DosyPack series. Furthermore, all components can be supplied separately if needed.

For more information, please fill out our application questionnaire. We will gladly review your specifications and together we will find the solution that best meets your needs!

  • Vibration gently conveys material using pneumatic or electrical drives
  • Coarse and fine flow settings
  • Immediate start-stop operation
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Low consumption
  • Easy to install
  • Available in ATEX-compliant
  • Dosing powder or bulk material
  • Stainless steel version ideal for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries


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PowerPack 180 (driven by NTK)
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PowerPack 250/350 (driven by NTS)
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