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Vibrating Machinery

Series GyroShake Shaker Station for Silent Compaction

Shaker stations of the series GyroShake are used for the silent compaction of concrete in precast part manufacturing plants. The concrete for e.g. panel ceilings, garage floors, double-wall panels or railway sleepers is silently compacted in molds, with operational noise emission levels of below 70 dB (A). The system impresses with its high compaction performance, practically pore-free exposed concrete and short cycle times at < 70 dB (A). It can be integrated in pallet circulation systems and controlled by their master computer. The stations are individually assembled to meet the customer´s needs.

The station consists of a control and a base frame on which a free-swinging frame is fixed by using a patented suspension system. This guarantees a loss-free, defined deflection of the frame. At least 4 electric unbalance motors are placed on the frame.

The selection of the parameters for the X-,Y- (longitudinal and lateral directions) and an additional circular motion (Z-motion) is made via the electronic control. The unbalance motors can be regulated within a frequency range of 0-7 Hz.

  • System for silent compaction
  • Noise level below 70 dB (A)
  • Nearly pore-free exposed concrete
  • Regulation of amplitude during operation
  • Regulation of frequency during operation
  • Can be integrated in pallet circulation systems
  • Shaker station size as per customer`s requirement
  • Spreading and compacting concrete
  • Simulating dynamic loading of components
  • Mixing emulsions