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Internal Vibrators

Series NVV Pneumatic Internal Vibrators

The pneumatic internal vibrator of the series NVV have a high-performance level and extremely durable construction. They have only two mobile parts – rotor and lamella.

Pneumatic pokers of the series NVV are used for compacting concrete. They are standard on construction sites for compacting in-situ concrete and are suitable for continuous operation due to their robust construction.

Pneumatic internal vibrators of the series NVV have a maintenance-free rotor. Compressed air drives the moving parts and the built-in unbalance generates the vibration. The few manufactured wear parts made of hardened steel guarantee a long service life. NVV have an integrated oiler as standard int the handle. NVV are designed to withstands harsh conditions on construction sites.

  • High centrifugal forces
  • Robust construction with very few parts for long life
  • Excellent value-for-money ratio
  • Maintenance-free rotor
  • Standard inline oiler in handle
  • Compacting concrete
  • Suitable also for large construction sites