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Hydraulic External Vibrators

Series NHG L Hydraulic External Vibrators

Hydraulic external vibrators of the series NHG L are particularly suitable for emptying containers and bulk material hoppers containing adherent bulk materials, for preventing bridging and tubing and for compacting various materials.

A special characteristic is its use for unloading transport vehicles, e.g. trucks, silo buses and ships. The vibrators are driven via the hydraulic system belonging to the carrier vehicle and are therefore independent of any external energy supply.

The rotary vibration is created by an unbalance. High rotational speeds result in large centrifugal forces. The rotational speed, and hence the centrifugal force, can be regulated continuously via the volume flow rate. NHG 500 L, NHG 900 L and NHG 3000 L have fixed unbalances. The unbalance of the NHG 600 RL can be adjusted in steps from the outside. Series NHG L hydraulic external vibrators are also available without an overflow oil line connection.

  • Rotary vibration
  • Nominal frequency from 3,000  min-1 to 7,000  min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 4,070 N to 61,206 N
  • Frequency continuously variable via volume flow rate
  • Emptying containers and bulk material hoppers
  • Sieving and compacting of different materials
  • Unloading transport vehicles


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NHG 500L - 600RL - 900 L
NHG 3000 L
NHG 6000 L
  • PKL 740 on pipe by NetterVibration
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