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Fixing Devices for Vibrators

Series VAC Vacuum Fixing Devices

With NetterVibration‘s vacuum fixing device of the series VAC, you can apply vibration equipment to containers without having to install the vibrators permanently.

When the series VAC vacuum fixing device is connected to the compressed air supply and brought in contact with the mounting surface, a vacuum is formed that adheres the equipment tightly to the container, ensuring a strong connection. Plus, the series VAC vacuum fixing device is a portable solution that allows you to use the same vibrator on different silos or adjust its position as needed.

Installing the vacuum fixing device to the vibrator is a straightforward process where the two pieces are attached with screws then connected to the air supply hose leading to the hand valve. The optional air economiser “S” creates a reduced vacuum that keeps the vibrator securely in place when it isn’t running, reducing air consumption by more than 30 percent.

ATEX-compliant vacuum fixings series VAC and units with stainless steel plates are available.

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  • Quick attachment without bolting or welding
  • Strong connection due to high-pressure vacuum
  • Can be used on curved or uneven surfaces
  • Optional air economiser
  • ATEX-compliant and stainless steel versions available
  • Customised versions possible
  • Use of vibrators without permanent installation
  • For interchangeable containers to which vibrators are only temporarily attached
  • Vibration tools during servicing
  • Suitable for the use of vibrators on several containers