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Electric External Vibrators

Series NEH and NEG High Frequency Electric external vibrators

Series NEG and NEH high-frequency electric external vibrators were specially developed for concrete compaction on formwork in precast plants and in tunnel construction. A frequency of up to 6,000 min-1 and a robust design help solve the most difficult applications in the construction industry.

Electric external vibrators are unbalance motors according to the short circuit rotor principle. On both ends of the shaft there are adjustable unbalances that generate a sinusoidal vibration at a rate of rotation of the corresponding frequency

The series NEG differs from series NEH in its method of mounting. NEG vibrators are mounted with NBS fastening kits. NEH vibrators are fastened with the quick clamp mounts of series NVH. This allows easy transfer of the units. All NEG and NEH are optimised for operation on frequency converters and voltage transformers.

  • Circular vibration
  • Integrated connector box
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Smooth housing surface
  • Stainless steel unbalance covers
  • Quick clamp mounts (Series NEH)
  • Protection IP 66-7, ISO class F
  • Concrete compaction
  • Concrete compaction on formwork in precast plants and in tunnel constructions
  • Compaction
  • Testing


  • Series NFG Diesel Generators

    Diesel generators series NFG are ideal for powering our electric internal and external vibrators onsite when no electric supply is available. The converter is coupled directly on the Hatz diesel generator. Secondary current 42 V or 250 V available.

  • Series FSW Frequency and Voltage Converters

    Series FSW converters are ideal with our internal series NCZ, NCZ/S, NCX and NCX/S, as well as external vibrators series NEG and NEH.

  • Series NFC Electronic Frequency Converters

    Frequency converters series NFC are suitable for the power supply of internal vibrators series NCZ, NCZ/S, NCX and NCX/S.