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Vibration Isolation Systems

Series FlexiLink Connector Element

The connector element of the series FlexiLink, the series NTK pneumatic linear vibrator and the blade springs, combine to form the resonance conveyor system of the series FlexiLink. This connector element joints the frame to the vibrating tray and it is responsible for the transfer of vibration force from the linear vibrator.

This product is available in several sizes to adapt to your specific conveyor design.

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  • Easy mounting
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High amplitude
  • Flexible size options available
  • Calculation and specification by our technical support team


  • Feeding, dosing and sieving
  • Linear and bowl feeders


  • blade springs by NetterVibration
    Blade Springs

    Conveyor systems transferring low weight loads quick and easy to assemble with combinations of our blade springs. These include, among other things, transport chutes, conveyor troughs for dosing and sieves.