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Linear Vibrators

Series NTP Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

The pneumatic linear vibrators Series NTP are especially suitable for knocking off material adhering to container walls in funnels, containers, silos and hoppers. Special features of NTP vibrators are: impacts like a rubber hammer or vibration with high peak acceleration.

The linear vibration is produced by a freely vibrating differential pressure piston. In a standard application, the piston knocks against an elastomer impact plate and works like a rubber hammer.

When used without an impact plate, the piston works against an air cushion and reduces noise. Hard knocking versions are available. The frequency can be adjusted by varying the pressure of the air supply and the amplitude by throttling the exhaust.

Lubrication-free operation is possible. ATEX-compliant linear vibrators of the NTP series and units with stainless steel housing are available.

  • Linear vibration
  • Nominal frequency from 1,328  min-1 to 8,784 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 190 N to 2,039 N
  • Frequency and amplitude are adjustable separately
  • Available in ATEX-compliant or stainless steel
  • Knocking off material adhering to container walls in funnels, containers, silos and hoppers
  • Drives for vibrating tables and chutes
  • Assistance for emptying containers


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