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Vibrating Feeders

Series FlexiLink Resonance Conveyor System

The feeder system of the series FlexiLink consists of a pneumatic linear vibrator from our series NTKblade springs and the FlexiLink connector element. This system uses the natural resonance of the springs to move bulk materials along the conveyor. Once the trough starts to vibrate at the resonance frequency, maintaining the vibration requires very little additional energy. Even with varying loads, the trough continues to vibrate with the correct resonance. The amplitude can be adjusted by means of an optional exhaust throttle.

In addition to driving classic feeder troughs, the FlexiLink system can be used to drive bowl feeders, by arranging the blade springs in a circle to accommodate the spiral feeder. Customised versions of the FlexiLink series are available and all components can be purchased separately.

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  • Utilizes resonance for high capacity conveying with minimal compressed air consumption
  • Immediate starting and stopping
  • High vibration amplitudes
  • Low unit weight
  • Conveyor speed adjustable
  • When high-speed conveying is required
  • Ideal for very long chutes
  • blade springs by NetterVibration
    Blade Springs

    Conveyor systems transferring low weight loads quick and easy to assemble with combinations of our blade springs. These include, among other things, transport chutes, conveyor troughs for dosing and sieves.

  • Series FlexiLink Connector Element

    Our FlexiLink connector element joints the frame to the vibrating tray and is responsible for the transfer of vibration force from the linear vibrator.