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70 years of NetterVibration

Vibration with Tradition. Since 1953.

This year NetterVibration looks back on its successful history since 1953 and celebrates its anniversary. For the last 70 years, NetterVibration has been known for highly efficient vibration technology, combining our experience with excellent technical know-how and passionate enthusiasm for innovation. "Vibration with Tradition" means using our decades of experience to develop modern vibration solutions and continuously improve already proven products.

Our company anniversary is not only an occasion for reflection but also a reason for gratitude. We thank all our customers, suppliers, and business partners for their ongoing support. They inspire us to constantly evolve and aid us in doing so. We would like to highlight our long-standing trading partners who have helped us expertly advise and supply customers worldwide. We are grateful for this close relationship.

Above all, our long-term employees form the foundation and the driving force behind NetterVibration. It is their collective effort over the past 70 years that has made our success possible. Therefore, we extend our special thanks to them! Together, we will continue to write the story of NetterVibration. We look to the future with optimism and excitement!