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Vibrating Tables

Serie VTF Low Profile Tables

Low-profile vibration tables from NetterVibration offer all the advantages and high quality of our standard vibration tables, but in an ultra-compact design that fits into spaces many standard vibration tables cannot.

Our engineers have designed this equipment with the vibrating plates just 100 mm from the ground, making them perfect for filling and dosing stations without needing costly modifications. Plus, our low-profile vibrating tables can be used in applications where space is extremely limited.

NetterVibration is also proud to offer an open design that allows for the use of a pallet jack, eliminating the need for a forklift and speeding up your process.

For more information, please fill out our application questionnaire. We will gladly review your specifications and together we will find the solution that best meets your needs!

  • Compact design
  • Flat build
  • Low overall height
  • Closed and open plate available
  • Electric or pneumatic drives
  • Easy to operate
  • Variable frequencies
  • Variable vibration amplitudes


  • Compacting bulk materials
  • Ideal for use where space is restricted
  • Any application that requires loading and unloading with a pallet jack
  • Testing products for vibration tolerance, including electronics, packaging, automotive components and more
  • Compacting powder, foundry sand, polymer concrete, fireproof mass or precast concrete
  • Smoothing lumps in bulk material
  • Flattening and stabilising bags