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Accessories for Concrete Vibrators

Series NFC Electronic Frequency Converters

Frequency converters of the series NFC are suitable for the power supply of our internal vibrators of the series NCX and NCXS.

NFC are equipped with the maximum possible quantity of CEE (42 V/32 A) sockets. The voltage is electronically adjusted to the connected vibrators. The steel plate body is powder coated and fixed in a portable protection frame.

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  • Strong output power
  • Considerably lower weight compared to rotating converters
  • Considerably lower noise level compared to rotating converters
  • Up to 3 connections possible
  • Suitable for harsh construction site operation
  • Switch off at overload and immediate restart
  • Phase control – protection of high frequency internal vibrators
  • High safety due to galvanic separated output
  • Short time overload capacity up to 150 %
  • Suitable for operating with Netter electric internal vibrators series NCX
  • Suitable for the power supply of internal vibrators series NCX and NCXS