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Accessories for Pneumatic Vibrators

Series NWE, NFR and NOE Pneumatic Maintenance Units

NetterVibration's maintenance units and their individual components provide pneumatic vibrators with the right amount of clean and lubricated compressed air for each application, improving reliability and increasing the service life of your pneumatic equipment.

  • Maintenance units series NWE – Engineered specifically for pneumatic vibrators, the Series NWE consists of a filter regulator composed of a filter, manometer, manual drain and mounting plate, as well as a lubricator, which continuously atomizes the oil, guaranteeing the trouble-free operation of all air-operated vibrators.
  • Filter regulator series NFR – Contains a 5 µm filter inside the pressure regulator and condensate reservoir to clean the compressed air and supply the required air pressure.
  • Lubricator series NOE – Atomizes the oil, optimising efficiency. Oil quantity is adjustable.

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  • Ensures compressed air of consistently high quality
  • With grade of filtration 5 µm as standard for pure compressed air
  • Continuous oil atomisation
  • For use in the ATEX zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Preparation of compressed air especially for pneumatic vibrators