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Fixing Devices for Vibrators

Series NBS Fastening Sets for pneumatic impactors

NetterVibration’s fastening sets series NBS are the mandatory screw and fixing devices for the pneumatic impactor series PKL. In addition, the NBS series also includes fastening kits for other NetterVibration products, e.g. for the electric external vibrators of the series NEG

The extremely high energy of series PKL makes it essential to use the suitable fixing, able to buffer the impact reaction force and ensure a safe operation of your impactor.

NetterVibration provides two different versions depending on your application, being mandatory its use in order to preserve the warranty.

  • NBS G: For threaded holes where bolts are required
  • NBS D: For through holes where bolts and nuts are required
  • Stainless steel variants available for both versions (G and D)

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  • Fixing with shock absorber system
  • Different versions available
  • The NBS fixing sets provide a save and solid attachment of the PKL impactors.
  • The NBS series also offers fixing kits for other NetterVibration products, such as for the electric external vibrators of the series NEG.