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Vibrating Tables

Series VTW Vibrating Table With Scale

With NetterVibration’s vibrating tables with integrated scales, you will be able to measure total weight accurately while applying vibration for compaction. Also, our compaction tables with integrated load cells automatically adjust the vibration as the vibration time and load increase, based on settings you manage through a control unit. As a result, you will achieve consistent material quantities and spend less money on shipping.

The NetterVibration’s vibrating tables with Integrated Scales can transmit signals and operate devices such as station filling valves or transport drives, depending on your needs

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  • Liftable table top
  • Ability to weigh the load by lowering the table top onto scales
  • Ideal solution for severely fluctuating loads
  • Powered by pneumatic or electric vibrator
  • Easy to operate
  • Variable frequencies
  • Variable vibration amplitudes
  • Compacting bulk materials in boxes or bags to a specific weight
  • Compacting powder, foundry sand, polymer concrete, fireproof mass or precast concrete
  • Stabilising large bags