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From PKL to ePKL – NetterVibration presents product innovation


The new ePKL from NetterVibration is launched. An in-house patented development now complements the established PKL series. 

NetterVibration looks back on a 70-year history over which time they have marketed a particularly wide range of vibration technology for a variety of industrial requirements - including hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic devices, for which the company is considered a market leader. The PKL series includes tried-and-tested impactors, tailored to a wide range of customer needs. The PKL series generate impacts by means of a compressed air driven piston which simulates a hammer strike, this makes it possible to loosen hard-to-remove adhesions on vessel walls, pipes, and containers in the majority industrial environments.

The new ePKL which is electrically driven, can be used in areas where a compressed air supply is not available or preferred. The ePKL can be used as a mobile unit and run off a rechargeable battery, meaning even at locations without a mains power supply, the ePKL can be easily installed (e.g., at silos located at a distance, or in farm fields). The ePKL is just as compact, robust as the corresponding pneumatic models. When using renewable energy, the ePKL helps with the drive to be more sustainable. The control system can be easily integrated into modern "Industry 4.0" processes, for example, the rapper sequence can be optimised to operate on container fill levels or similar measurement, resulting in energy savings.

"We are proud to have created a real "Made in Germany" innovation with the ePKL and were excited to present it," said Thomas Reis and Achim Werkmann, the managing directors of NetterVibration .

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