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A High Potential for Rationalization in Wire Processing

DrahtverarbeitungNetterVibration created a vibrating table that considerably simplifies and rationalizes a step in wire processing: the loosening of coils.

Wire drawing plants obtain cold drawn, annealed wire in form of coils from wire manufacturers for further processing. Several steel strips hold a coil together. For further processing the steel strips must be removed and the windings sticking together because of the annealing process have to be separated.

Loosening coils has been a time-consuming, difficult task entailing a high risk for injury.

Using the vibrating table created by NetterVibration provides significant benefits:

  • Considerable time reduction from 20 – 30 min to 2 min
  • Less work steps and making work easier
  • Amout of coils that can be processed
  • simultaneously is doubled, thus saving
  • time and costs during further processing
  • Increased staff safety

If you are interested in detailed information on this application or if you can envisage a similiar application in your company, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation! We will be pleased to advise you.

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