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Netter Linear Vibrators Series NTP

NetterVibration adapted the version of linear vibrators series NTP to customers’ requirement for a smooth surface easy to clean.

NTP vibrators will be supplied as standard in the well-known versions NTP B+C. On customer’s request NTP is also available without elastomer baffle plate (NTP B). The difference between the both versions is that the NTP B strikes without any noise against an air cushion whereby the NTP B + C strikes against an elastomer baffle plate. As NTP B + C vibrators are used with high peak acceleration the required “rubber hammer”-effect is obtained. The frequency is continuously adjustable by varying the operation pressure and the amplitude by throttling the exhaust air optionally. Thus NTP vibrators are suitable for knocking off material adhering to funnels, containers, silos and hoppers. They can also be used as drives for vibrating tables and chutes. ATEX compliant linear vibrators and units with stainless steel are available.