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The NetterVibration family meets in Hamburg

NetterVibration ISAS 2018
Colleagues from the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, Poland, Spain, Italy, Sweden and many other countries met for informal and collegial exchange at the Lindner Hotel in Hamburg.

The participants of this year’s International Sales and Application Seminar (ISAS) in Hamburg enjoyed exciting presentations and exchanges with colleagues from all over the world.

Employees and trading partners of NetterVibration from all over the world met for the eleventh time to exchange experiences in Hamburg and to discuss the latest developments in vibration technology. The topics included application know-how and innovative products. Other countries, other applications: In addition to exciting and informative presentations, the participants learned in conversation with their colleagues from around the world, new perspectives and applications for vibration technology.

NetterVibration ISAS 2018 The focus was on issues relating to the improvement of material flow and novel applications for vibration technology. Our drive engineers from NetterVibration presented their innovations, such as the very small and lightweight pneumatic linear vibrators NTS 80 and NTP 18, which are designed for delicate applications. In addition, the website relaunch and improved collaboration were topics at this year’s ISAS.
In workshops, the participants became acquainted with the construction design of the new products and learned how impactors, vibrators and accessories can be applied professionally. With the experience of colleagues from all over the world, new prospects for applications with vibrators were disclosed to our drive engineers. NetterVibration ISAS 2018