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Welding Was Yesterday, Now We Glue

Vibrators and impactors are mounted onto U-profiles, fastening supports or welded plates. Experienced engineers take mounting devices into consideration when constructing. In such cases, where the need for vibration is recognized later but no suitable mounting devices were planned on the stainless steel constructions, the engineers have had to somehow find a solution.

NetterVibration has developed a technology which makes subsequent welding unnecessary: The Netter Glueing-Console (Netter NKK Series) makes it possible to attach impactors and vibrators permanently and gently onto the construction.

For quite some time, the advantages of adhesive bonding within the design of light-weight constructions are well-known. New combinations of substances are possible. Nowadays, up to 15 litres of glue are used in modern cars.

Welding in retrospect is not an optimal solution. On the one hand, welding may worsen the quality of the surface, especially on thin-walled containers, hoppers or tubes. On the other hand, there is the risk of stress cracks by using this bonding technique. Alternatively, vibrators can be attached by using Netter Vacuum Fixing Devices (Netter VAC Series). This device only works as long as compressed air is provided, which should ideally be only for a short time. If the vibrator has to be reattached, this has to be done manually.

NKK Gong Glueing instead Welding
NKK Gong Glueing instead Welding

“When we carried out our experiments we were astonished that even impactors with high momentum transfer did not fall off the containers regardless of how long and at which frequency we knocked.”, Stephan Tretner, Manager of Drive Engineering at NetterVibration says. With more than one million impacts, the long-term experiment ended successfully.

Tests with high frequency vibrators also ran successfully. Based on this knowledge NetterVibration has developed a set with which users can mount the appropriate vibrator by themselves. The experienced application experts of NetterVibration will advise you in this field and provide solutions.