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Vibrating Tables

Shaking Tables

VT GY 10 14

Shaking tables cause a horizontal movement due to an unbalanced arrangement, creating large amplitudes that cannot be matched by other vibration systems.

NetterVibration was the first company to design and develop this system, primarily with our Series GyroShake, and later adapting it to small vibration tables. By integrating the suspension system, this product optimizes the energy transfer and generates circular, transversal or longitudinal vibration movements, resulting in high performance while also delivering minimal noise levels.

Shaking Tables, including the GyroShake, are perfect for compacting precast concrete to remove air bubbles. Plus, the high amplitudes generated are capable of compacting large loads, especially those with high grain size, which are difficult to compact with traditional systems. These products are also highly effective at blending and homogenizing emulsions that tend to separate, as well as testing structures for vibration tolerance.

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  • Horizontal movement
  • Silent operation
  • Powered by electric vibrators
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable during operation
  • Low frequencies
  • High vibration amplitudes


  • Compacting bulk material containers
  • Mixing and segregating emulsions
  • Compacting powder, foundry sand, polymer concrete, fireproof mass or precast concrete
  • Flattening and compacting grain-size products



Conveyor systems transferring low weight loads quick and easy to assemble with combinations of blade springs by NetterVibration. These include, among other things, transport chutes, conveyor troughs for dosing and sieves.

Connector Element Series FlexiLink

Connector Element Series FlexiLink combined together with Pneumatic Linear Vibrator Series NTK and blade springs build our Series FlexiLink Resonance conveyor systems.

NetterVibration Static Adjustable Frequency Control Series SRF

Because some applications require frequencies that cannot be achieved with normal vibrators at line frequency, NetterVibration offers three types of Variable-Frequency Drives solutions.

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