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Series NKH and NKM Vibrating Cross

NetterVibration Vibrating Cross Series NKH

The NetterVibration vibrating cross consists of a cross-shaped clamping fixture and a pneumatic external vibrator of NVT series. The vibrator is attached to the cross by a quick-clamping device of the NVH 4 series.

The cross is tightened either manually by means of a shift (NKM) or by a hydraulic cylinder (NKH). When tightened, the 4 clamping jaws extend equally.

Hardwood battens, laid between the vibrating cross and the wall of the stamping mould, assure the adjustment of the vibrating cross as well as the constant power transmission. The compaction is caused by the vibrating motion of the complete mould.

The bottom can also be compacted by using the same vibrator mounted on a base-plate.


  • Constant, effective compaction
  • Solid in-tension, vibration of the total mould
  • Same vibrator also for compacting the bottom



  • Compacting of refractory mass for induction furnace


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